Long and step advancement has been made in 3D printing and has changed lives due to the potential it has to have a practical impact on our lives. The media has been covering up stories of the advancement that has been made in 3D printing and focusing on how it can change living standards. 3D printing has been a hot topic of discussion in the media as the cost of its production has drastically reduced. Masses can now put it to greater use due to its lowered price as once it was exorbitantly expensive. How did the 3D printing evolve? Let’s find out.

There was a need of detailed prototyping of products in the corporate sector. Large companies generally made use of this technology for that matter. Detailed prototyping of products was termed as ‘Rapid Prototyping’. The material used to construct prototypes was not durable. The design and structure of the product could be produced but it was as fragile as wax. Engineers therefore used it as a basic model to see how their end product would look like in reality.

With the advancement in technology the potential of this futuristic machine could be analyzed in detail. With a lot of investment that was made in this technology, durable materials could be created to make prototypes of products. Metallic toughness could now be incorporated in the designs of the prototypes with the evolution of nanotechnology and these were no longer insubstantial. Resilient creations were now possible that were as strong and sturdy as concrete. There was a rapid increase in the growth of 3D printing technology from thereon.

The 3D printing machine was no longer used to construct prototypes of the original products but was transformed to produce parts that were workable and could be used the way they were. Companies re-strategized and thought of greater and better ideas to create things. The technique was now at the disposal of everyone and cost-effective too so that anyone could make use of it in ways they wanted.

The technology in itself has great potential. Though the technology is somewhat new, intuitive geniuses can foretell that it can bring about drastic and revolutionary changes in industrial processes sooner or later. It can particularly be used to produce parts for industries such as defence and automotive in new and innovative ways. In the coming future one can see how the use of this technology would be made on a large scale even at the domestic level. Small household items such as a kettle can be ordered and printed by you at the convenience of your own home.

The good thing about 3D printing is the versatility of its use. The technology is used in medicinal field especially in designing body parts and prosthetic pieces. As more and more technological advancement will be brought about in 3D printing, the time and cost involved in thinking, designing and creating these modified pieces will become greatly reduced. We might have not realized how 3D printing has hugely affected our lives bringing a positive change in our lifestyle. This has been achieved due to the increasingly lowering cost of the technology. 3D printing has come here to stay with a strong foothold. How far does it go to achieve its full potential is still a question that will remain unanswered and only time can tell what future it holds.