Dental Product Design Image Courtesy of Matthew

3D printing has brought product design into a completely new era. For example, instead of waiting weeks for dental moulds and implants to be created, dentists are now able to fill cavities and spaces with teeth printed using a 3D Printer.

Teeth are very unique to each person, being able to replicate their uniqueness would normally take weeks and months of work by professionals in the dental field.

See this video of dental 3d printing in action.

Businesses in the UK and the USA have now created table top 3D printing models for those who need to attend to their dental customers fast. The desktop printer can be easily accessed to create a new tooth or other dental object that will provide support or cosmetic improvements in teeth.

Faster product design for dental offices, and less paperwork

Having a 3D printer on hand for this type of product design also cuts down on the amount of paperwork that dental offices have to deal with. The printers in these industries are surprisingly versatile in their output. They can create dental objects with astonishingly thin layers, therefore producing a surface that is very smooth and therefore comfortable for inside the mouth.

Its printers like this that demonstrate what a major game changer 3D printing is. Local dental offices can manufacture their own products whilst the client waits as opposed to having to send away to a larger lab and deal with any associated waiting times. The accuracy achieved with teeth and the small size of the printer makes it easy to meet the needs of clients without needing to expand the physical size of the office.

Dentists are now going into the future with their use of 3D printing. The benefits are easy to see right down to the fact that it will cost less to clients and be more environmentally friendly. Crown, bridges and other dental pieces are already available as part of the current solutions, with more dental parts on the way soon.

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