CAD Product Design Technology

Using cutting-edge CAD technology, we work closely with you through the product design development stage and quickly move your idea from the drawing board into production.

Experts in a range of sectors, our UK product designers offer a personalised service based on your individual project and specifications. We provide force analysis where required, and we are able to create assembly animations and mechanical assemblies. From small tools, housewares, electronic enclosures to hobby parts we will save you time, and ultimately reduce production costs.

Starting with the product design briefing, we will walk you through the process and help finalise specifications and choose what materials, colour and finish will be best for your project. We will offer our professional input to ensure that you can clearly visualise the final model ensuring the product will be fully functional before we move to the second stage of printing.

Working with a range of clients; from the technically savvy to techno-novices, we can advise on materials, good practices, and work on designs at your pace with the end product in mind. We also have a broad range of partners so if we don't have the specialism in-house, we can usually find the right partner to assist.

.Stl File Service

If you already have a .stl file but it needs to be prepared for 3D printing, Contact us to discuss making your design printer-ready. At Hian Technologies, we use specialist .stl correction software to solve niggling glitches.

Often a file will have inverted normals, gaps, or walls that are too thin to print. This happens when designs are scaled down to fit in the 3D printer, or to reduce cost of the model. Our .stl correction service will correct these issues.

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