3D printing technology sees a huge growth



In the past, most start-up companies that wanted to manufacture physical items faced a common problem of producing prototypes whilst keeping to their shoestring budgets. These new companies needed to produce prototypes of their products in order to test them or demonstrate their ideas to potential investors and customers.

Additionally, many of these companies needed to tweak these prototypes multiple times before they worked out all of the bugs. Producing a few working models cost a lot of money, and start-ups who did not have investors or customers yet usually lacked funds.

3D printing reduces costs

Marcel Botha is the CEO of Spuni, a New York company that produces baby spoons that help ease the transition to solid foods… Read more.

About William Hinojosa

William Hinojosa
With a BSc. In Computer Science, an Eng. In Electronics, a MSc. In Robotics and Automation and a PhD. In Advanced Robotics William brings a broad experience from a range of engineering fields such as medical, industrial and automotive. He founded Hian Technologies with one aim: to provide our clients with big company technology at small company prices. Dr. Hinojosa doesn't compromise on quality and he works 24/7 reviewing personally every single design Hian Technologies produces.

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