If you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll know that we love to share new 3D printing related ideas with you and today we’ve got another exciting tale to tell. Read on to discover how we helped a student of London’s South Bank University produce a life enhancing product for the elderly with 3D printing.

Meet Mark Jubb, student product designer

Mark Jubb 3d Printing Student Mark Jubb is a degree student at London’s South Bank University. He has been studying for a BSc (Hons) degree in product design for the last 4 years.
.For his final year project, he has created something that will make a difference to the lives of those who suffer from the debilitating joint disease, osteoarthritis – an automated kitchen knife and cutting board. Working together the tools make vegetable preparation far easier and within the reach of those who need to manage with daily challenges of managing with the joint stiffness of osteoarthritis.
.Mark took his product along to the London South Bank University (LSBU) SHAPE design show where their BSc. degree students share their concepts and are judged for their creativity and design skills.

How did Hian Technologies help?

As you know, Hian Technologies is a 3D printing business. We were involved in helping Mark in the final stages of producing his ergonomically designed kitchen tools. Using our Stratasys Elite 3D printer, we were able to print out the entire case of the automatic knife in less than a day. After a small post production stage, the end result was a solid, water proof, and easy to clean product.

How does this 3D printed knife work?

Watch this video of the automated kitchen knife in use:

Here’s an infographic for more explanation: 3D Knife Explanation

About SHAPE Product Show

The LSBU Product Design and Engineering Product Design degree show (SHAPE) showcases the projects of more than 40 undergraduate students who are in their final year at South Bank University. Many influences of London’s design community attend, so it’s an important event for the students and could lead to them being recognised for their ability to produce exciting new ideas. Mark’s product was showcased along with 40 other ideas from the other final students of LSBU.

The Outcome of the SHAPE Show

Mark received some excellent responses to his product. He said, ‘the response I got from the public and my tutors was very positive. My tutors were very impressed with the quality of the print; they stated that it was the best resolution they’ve seen to date and the part was of a good substantial weight and density. I recently found out the project overall was graded as a high 2:1.’ . ‘The public, once I told them that a company had printed it free of charge with the willingness to help out a student, were very taken back by the kind gesture. I received numerous comments that the actual product would be ideal for their elderly parent and they would be very interested in buying one. It was also commented that the product would also work well with kids learning to cook, giving the nature of the safety features.’ Mark also said, ‘What I really liked and stood out the most to me was the very personal assistance your company offers. Most companies I came across were very interested in taking your money in exchange for printing your parts. Whereas with Hian Technologies it’s very much about nurturing an idea and helping a client bring a dream or vision come to life. The whole process was very quick and efficient- the response I got first from your company and the continuing communication I received was the fastest out of all the companies I contacted.’

About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects over 8 million people in the UK alone. As the surfaces of joints become damaged, they will not move as smoothly as they should it’s really a form of age related wear and tear. Unfortunately, the human body will often actually make things worse as it tries to improve matters. In some cases, these repairs can actually work. When they don’t the tissues in the joint will get thicker as it tries to perform the job of the cartilage that becomes thinner with age. Bony spurs grow outwards and bones can rub together causing pain and eventually forcing bones to move out of their normal position. To find out more click here

About 3D Printing

3D printing originally used custom inkjet print heads, but times have changed and it’s now based around fused deposition modelling. Basically, it’s a system for creating 3 dimensional objects by creating a cross-sectional pattern.
Here at Hian Technologies we have a number of printers that are used to create products for all manner of industries and even for individuals with plans to produce. Our ethos is to offer affordable printing for those who want to ‘make it real’ with turning their concept into reality.

Join with Hian Technologies for Your Free 3D Printed Product Concept

Mark Jubb reached out to Hian Technologies for help, and Iif you are a student and have a 3D printing project idea, Hian Technologies will consider printing your product for free. Contact us for more information at: http://www.hiantechnologies.com