A 3d printer at work. By: Bethany Weeks

Product design life-cycle can be greatly accelerated through the use of 3d printing services. A product designer can carry a project through from conception to production and hopefully the full satisfaction of both the vendor and the end user in greatly reduced time compared to traditional product release cycles.

Feasibility Study

It’s not always instantly possible to understand the viability of any product when it’s in the design stage. This is why it’s important to develop a product and then prototype it to understand what it’s like and how it works and how it can be used in the real world. This is one of the most powerful advantages of using a 3d printing services.

Once a solid grasp of the product is possible, then it makes it possible to make an informed decision on whether the product is suitable as a candidate for either mass production or even for production on a print on demand basis. This is an area where 3d printing comes into its own.

Initial planning and design – from concept to design

This stage is all about design, use, timescales, goals and materials. A plan that covers every area of design of the object.

Final design and final manufacturing plans – time for prototyping

Once an idea has been fleshed out into a fully-fledged project, it takes a dedicated 3d printing service engineer with expert knowledge to create a prototype for approval by the project manager. The design process is now almost reaching its conclusion.

Design review – how much material will be used etc.

Once the design plan has been created, there needs to an understanding of how much material it will take to produce the object. Once this has been approved, it’s now time to give the green light for manufacturing/3D printing of the object.

3d Printing Services offer rapid manufacturing

If you’re looking for 3d printing services, know that this type of manufacturing is a fairly rapid process. The 3d printer will adhere to the electronic design of the object and lay down layers of material to create the designed object in its reality. This method is

For those of you who are new to 3d printing services here are a few facts –

  • The first 3d printer was created in 1984
  • It’s taken 30 years for it to get more popular and in the news
  • The printer is similar to a document printer, in that it moves a carriage back and forth moving up less than a millimetre at a time to leave the layer of material.
  • Watch a video on how 3d printing works

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