A whistle manufactured by a 3d printer. By: beak90sfx

3d printing makes it easy to turn ideas into manufactured products.

Anybody who has some 3D CAD design experience can now create their own products that can be used by them, sold or shared with others. Some designers work with other creatives such as marketing professionals to develop products that they feel will sell well and that have a place in a market niche.

We can help you to turn your vision into reality

We are passionate about making it possible for people to create their own products without too much bother. Our processes have been aligned with making it as easy as possible to design and print your own objects. No longer are we confined to plastic, but we can print using materials such as titanium alloys.

Our service makes it possible to bring your ideas to market in the form of low-cost manufactured custom products.

Giving people the freedom to be creative, productive and to offer great products is important to us and we go out of our way to make it possible.

Use 3d printing as an early design analysis tool

Something that many of our clients do is to turn to 3D printing early on in their design process. Discovering how viable different product ideas are can really speed things up in the research and development stage. Spending can be decreased significantly and rapid prototyping (see video of example) becomes a reality.

Some clients print off prototypes in 20 different styles. Take them to their focus groups to discuss the pros and cons of each one. Mock-ups that can be touched and held can make it easier to reach the final design faster. Getting customer reactions early on makes businesses more successful in their profits.

Reduce your design and manufacturing life-cycle

Development cycle time is greatly reduced. It’s far easier to send designs overseas to business partners with 3d printing.

It’s also possible for retail chains to offer mass customisation at the touch of a button. The customer can choose the exact modifications that they want and then wait whilst they are printed out. Warehouses full of parts and products are no longer necessary as they can be printed on demand.

3d printing can be seen as a road between the physical world and that of the digital world. It’s a technology that’s looking like it truly can live up to its expectations.