3D printing makes it possible to create precise prototypes of parts fast. This means it’s a highly cost effective way to develop parts. Instead of needing to request a bulk order of 10,000 parts, it’s possible to create just the parts that you need on demand.  This makes it easy for designers and artists in addition to engineers and even the medical industry to create items for evaluation and eventual use. Let’s look at how this technology can be applied to the oil and gas industry.

3D printing offers fast production of parts

Before we go further, it’s important to know that 3D printing is an excellent for making products on a small scale. It’s also the perfect medium for development and manufacturing of bespoke designs. But let’s move on to look at how this technology can work in the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas industry rely on a large number of service companies. Their role is to establish any systems that are required for oil and gas to be extracted including pumps, pipes, valves etc. In order for a service company to be contracted, they need to sell these services and products to the teams involved. 3D printing makes it possible to create these physical products rapidly that can then be demonstrated and sold to the businesses involved.

3d printing oil and gas industry

3D printing is powerful for making sales

Although traditionally sales people have used presentation methods with slide shows, printed materials and computer images to show clients what they can do for them, 3D printing offers an improved approach. 3D printing makes it possible to take a physical visualisation of any solutions to meetings with clients. They can see what they will be paying for in a miniature version.

Although it can cost tens of millions of pounds to create a well for oil or gas extraction, if you’re a service company you can produce 3D models of your proposed solution and improve the results of your communication and efforts to win bids, this can deliver excellent business results. The models will cost a small fraction of the overall project budget and will result in more sales.

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